Meg and the Golden Fish


Being closer to the ocean is the best thing that's ever happened for Meg and her family, but not everything is smooth sailing. The waters are plagued by pollution, the fish are afraid, and her mother still gets sick often despite the move to their new home. When her mother gets admitted to the hospital, Meg vows that she'll do anything to help her feel better.

Then she hears a rumor from the sea that might be able to help.

It is the sighting of a golden fish. Everyone says that this fish glows like the sun, and its scales glisten more than the shiniest pearls. If you are fortunate enough to see it, you will live out the rest of your days happy and healthy. But this creature won't be easy for a jellymaid to track. No one seems to know where the golden fish is – and something has gone terribly wrong with the ocean.

Determined to cure her mother no matter what it takes, Meg will face dangerous creatures, perilous terrain, and her own darkest fears. 


Meg and the Golden Fish is a personal project close to my heart as both an artist and a daughter. It is a story about courage, determination, and self discovery.

More updates to come!

Meg Concept 1.jpg