Phillustration: Upcoming Exhibition at the Sketch Club

Happy Halloween! I've got some good news...

Three pieces from my fairy tale series have made it into an upcoming show - Phillustration 7. The Philadelphia Sketch Club is where it's going down. If you're in the Center City area on November 8th, swing by for the reception to chat! (Read: snacks and good art). The show runs from November 2 - 27th, so make sure to pop in for a visit.

Also of importance is the time left on the Kickstarter for Connie's Long Way Home. We have 19 days to go to reach our goal of $3,000. If you get the chance, check out the campaign and help support the project with your pledge and/or word of mouth. Remember, we need your help to get the book printed! And there are lots of cool pledge rewards, too. 

A special thank you to those who have supported the project thus far! Your help has brought the book that much closer to being published. The author and I have worked very hard to put Connie's Long Way Home together, and it is wonderful to know that others are looking out for its success.

Lockamy_Connie Halloween