I Need Some dA Advice

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Ok. I used to be a really active Deviant, but it seems like eons ago. Do you guys have any tips? How do you get back into the swing of things? 

I have an idea! But I need to know what you guys think. I want to take art requests. You could toss some ideas at me, and every week I will draw something new and post it here (and on Instagram too, its look has really grown on me). Two of my favorite artists, #WillTerry and willterrell  (don't confuse them!)  share a lot of their process work, and I would like to do something similar. I can't start this project yet, but perhaps in the future if enough deviants like the idea!

PS. I love fairy tales, animals, and fantasy. Not so much chicks scantily clad in bikini armor, but more mystical stuff. My website will give you a good idea of what I love painting (though if I do something every week, it won't be as huge).

Also, does anyone know of a good screen recording program (free, preferably) for Windows and Mac? I may want to get back into speed painting videos too.
Since I'm going to be graduating in a few months, I anticipate that I will have more time for viewing new work (and sharing more of my work) online. I've been trying to keep up with other sites like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter – but this is where I started. I guess the site has had so many changes that I just drifted off of it after my premium expired. That, and my school work is just out-of-this-world crazy right now.


To those of you who have stuck around and still remember me and my work, thank you so much! Everyone has been growing. It's like every time I look in my inbox, I can't believe how the artwork has changed. I wish I had more time to see everything, to comment, even to organize my Favorite folders!

Again, thanks for sticking around   Let me know your thoughts and tips in the comments.