Process: Wizard (Continued) & Other News

Sometimes (well - most of the time) a piece isn't done when you think it is. Stuff gets in the way. New projects come up. One idea kicks another out the proverbial window.

Fortunately, personal pieces are fair game to go back and revisit.

After getting some amazing feedback from Chris Oatley and Sarah Marino in the Oatley Academy's latest livestream Portfolio Review, I was more than re-energized with their critique of my work and felt that Wizard deserved a revisit. I can't emphasize enough the importance of giving and receiving critiques.

Below is a snazzy before and after. You can jump to my Portfolio to see the final version.

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Lockamy_Wizard Before and After


In other exciting news, I stumbled on a video hosted by Lauren Panepinto and Marc Scheff called Hired on the Spot. Let me tell you  super informative! As their talk progressed, I was scrutinizing my own website for any of the pitfalls they described. One great thing they mentioned was that it is generally acceptable to include an archive of work on your website, as long as it isn't in the portfolio.

I think that's a good idea, considering the only way most people can find my older work is if they venture onto social media. Adding a new Archive to this site will make it easier for visitors to see how my work has changed without clicking around so much, and without compromising the quality of my Portfolio.

Art Archive

Would you consider an archive on your site too? Let me know in the comments!

Thank you for swinging by to read. <3