Connie's Long Way Home: A Children's Book

Hey everyone!

For the past few months, I've been working on a children's book with author and fellow SCBWI member, Colman Nady. Connie's Long Way Home is a 36 page beast, with lovable characters and plenty of action. This is the most fun I've ever had on a project before, and I hope that we get to continue building it far into the future.

There will be a Kickstarter to get this book printed (I'll get you a link to it once we officially launch), but for now, you can see his website, which has some of my art on it, as well as a description of the book. There will also be a speed painting video available for Spread #8 on our launch date, which I also can't wait to show you. If all goes well with this new software, I would like to try creating more for not only the book but for personal projects as well.

Backers of the Kickstarter will get to make decisions about the book, like which cover they want most. They will also get exclusive content that goes with the book.  In short, this is going to be awesome.

Stay tuned!

Lockamy_Connie's Long Way Home: Spread 8