Process: The Frog Prince

It's hard to believe it's already February. When my professors said that this semester always flies by, they were right! It's going to be May in the blink of an eye.

I wanted to share a new illustration with you. It's about the frog prince (and not Naveen, Disney fans). This guy is anything but cuddly. In fact, I'd agree with my friend that he looks more like a mafia boss than a charming royal amphibian.


I like starting out in my sketchbook. I used to work strictly digital from thumbnails to final but, even though it may have seemed to save me some time, it didn't give me the same effect that I get now. My sketchbook has a nice tooth to it that shows through in some parts of the illustration later on.


After I'm content with the sketch, I take it into Photoshop to block in  some more value. Now it's starting to take shape. Though the value isn't all there yet, I thought that the direction I was heading in would benefit from some color. 


I wanted some good greens in there. Also playing with warmth in the caterpillar and cool in the snail. It gets more vibrant from here, I promise.


Warming it up now with those oranges and yellows. At this point the illustration has more of an impact. But I'm still not certain about that darn caterpillar... 


There we go! Even supporting characters need personalities. I'm enjoying playing the blue and orange off of each other. Perhaps the most dramatic difference is the frog's new princely attire. But it's not done yet!

Lockamy_Frog Prince

And there you have it! The final touches were fun to add, like icing on a cake. Especially that fly wing sticking out of the frog's gritted teeth. You also know how much I love painting bubbles.

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