Why You Should Break Out of Your Comfort Zone Early

I was not one to push past my boundaries often, especially during school. In fact, I was content to just do my homework and get A's all the time, despite the chances I had to do more social activities.

The trouble with this is that you will end up asking yourself what you've been missing out on. Do you feel that if you knew what to focus on while you were there, you would be better prepared for life beyond, whether it's for college or a job?

Many students go through school without thinking about what they need most. I was only one of those students. Some of the questions that were running through my mind post-graduation sounded like...

What do you do once you graduate?

What if you're not good enough?

What if you missed a crazy opportunity to make something of yourself, and you'll never get that chance again?

Been there!

But here's the kicker. I'm asking those same questions right now, before my senior year of college has even begun.

It never ends. 

To tell you the truth, it gets even worse when you realize that how you spent your time in high school might have affected what you've accomplished in college. How much have you done wrong, and how much have you done right? Have you pushed the boundaries enough?

After going through a lot of my junk to de-clutter my new place, I stumbled on some gold. All of my old sketchbooks have been dug up. And one of them, used during my freshman year of college, has a great list in it.

It's titled

Things I Should Have Done in High School.

I would like to share it to benefit someone out there who has found that they are asking these questions, to offer some guidance. If I had been more willing to break out of my comfort zone, I would have done some of these things.

Here is what I wrote 3 years ago...

It's very easy to get caught up in your head and to just keep to yourself.

But think through whether it's worth it for you to break out of your comfort zone while you have no consequences to face. What can you do right now? Do it.

You won't regret it.

School years fly by, no matter what level you're at. Take advantage of them while you can, and experiment 'till you drop - because it will get even scarier to experiment the higher you climb.

What would you have done to break out of your comfort zone? Share in the comments below!